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For many years we are focusing on custom CNC machining and manufacturing of the machines and components For example data shredding machines and its components, parts for the textile winding machines, different types of gearboxes, garden or agriculture machinery and components. We have big experience in production of the hydraulic components (blocks) or components for plastic recycling machines.

Ekvita - sample parts

Current production portfolio:

  • Paper cutting cylinders for data-shredders.
  • Production and assembly of whole data shredding machines and paper recycling machines.
  • Components and sets for textile winding machines
  • Different types of gearboxes e.g. for garden or agriculture machinery
  • Garden machinery (cultivators, sweepers, tool carriers, lawn movers...)
  • Hydraulic components - connection plates and blocks
  • Plastic recycling machinery components
  • Gear wheels, shafts, flanges, housings etc.
  • Aluminium profiles of different types and sizes, holders and side plates
  • Aluminium castings - purchasing and machining
  • Other parts based on customer´s request

You can find samples of our products in the gallery below.


We are machining most of the standard materials from aluminium alloys, steel, to stainless steel or plastic materials. You can see more details in CNC Custom machining section.

Our main customers

For many years we rely on succesful cooperation with our business partners from Germany or France. We are exporting approximately 80% of our proudction. Our main customers are following companies:

  • intimus International GmbH (DE)
  • Agria-Werke GmbH (DE)
  • Georg Sahm GmbH & Co.KG (DE)
  • Haldup GmbH (DE)
  • ARGO-HYTOS s.r.o. (CZ)
  • Koenig&Bauer (CZ)

Are you interested in CNC production?

Would you like to get more information or a price offer on your specific part? Please contact us on our phone or email. We will get back to you as soon as possible! +420 499 859 640

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